This image is a reflection of the massive changes in my life over the past 6 months. The man on the left was lost, confused and looking for a way out. The man on the right is a completely new person.

During my football career I had suffered many injuries which effectively ended my career. In the beginning of my CrossFit journey, I was able to rehabilitate my injuries, I was moving well and getting stronger and fitter than I had ever been. But slowly things started to change. Injuries were creeping back in and affecting my CrossFit. This hurt me more than the end of my football career. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get back to an advanced level of gymnastics or weightlifting movements plus I thought I may not be able to compete in the CrossFit open. This was the personal stuff but what really got to me was;
I felt I was letting down my community and team at CrossFit Volume.

I was allowing to let my self believe that I was no longer the coach I used to be. I couldn’t hang on a pull up bar to demonstrate movements for my clients and often had to coach them verbally. I felt that I wasn’t being the best role model and that I was letting them down. I talked myself into this story so thoroughly that I was even considering new career avenues outside of the fitness industry! I thank God l I didn’t make that decision, I love what I do and am certain I will never leave the community I have built or the fitness industry. But this was a wake up call, it showed me the potential harm of not believing in yourself. On top of this I was single, lonely and I knew I had to do something.

I had a priority shift..

In the past when going through tough times, it was always my faith in god that had provided me with perspective. I went back to this. I always had the urge to travel to Iran and Iraq where I my religion has a deep history.  I wanted to learn more about this history and focus on that instead of on my problems.  Upon setting out on this journey, my intention was to learn and gain a deeper faith so I could help myself, but more importantly help members of my family who were experiencing difficult and dark times.

As it turns out this experience helped me learn more about life than I would have ever imagined. I learnt, the problems we have that seem so challenging and dramatic at the time, we should be grateful for those problems. Most people in the world have it far worse. Seeing a war torn country with my own eyes helped me let every single one of my problems go. I had no self pity left. Once I came to this realisation I spent the rest of the journey also giving away all my clothes and possessions, donating money at every shrine I visited and helping homeless people. Its safe to say this experience changed my life. 

I got back to Australia with a new mindset and a willingness to dive deeper into self development. I started reading books again, listening to podcasts and searching for solutions instead of focussing on problems. I committed my self to my rehab and my injuries started to mend. I hired a business mentor and a strength and conditioning coach. I even reignited a previous relationship with the woman I love. 

I am now working 8-10 hours a day but still fitting in 2 hours per day to train. Every day I still make time for the most important people in life, my family and girlfriend. The key is balance, you can’t be happy in one domain with out the other. 

How can I help you?
I will help you discover what your core values in life are.
I will teach you that having “no time” is the least of your problems.
I will teach you how to get balance back into your life. 
I will prove that once you make time for yourself and your health and fitness, everyone close to you will benefit too. Including your family, partner, kids, even employers and employees.

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