When choosing a gym to train at, one very important decision making factor is..

Will I fit in?

Are the people similar to me? What are their interests? Will I make friends?

Personally, this is what turned me off from training at Fitness First.

I didn’t fit in with the type of people who train there. When you walk in, you are not greeted by any friends. You are generally ignored, people keep to themselves and have their headphones in.

It is very unwelcoming and it can be intimidating.

Especially for females.

This is something that I hear from my wife. There are typically the body building types in the weights area and they stare when ever a female walks over. This leads to females avoiding weights altogether and doing the same unproductive cardio sessions all the time.

Not fitting in was the reason I became interested in CrossFit to begin with.

CrossFit itself has an identity and a set of training principles. I believed in the overall principles of CrossFit training.

Once you start you realise that not all CrossFit gyms are the same. 

Affiliates use CrossFit as their main training philosophy, but they all have their own culture and each have a different type of community. 

For example there are CrossFit gyms that;

Have a slight powerlifting/weightlifting bias
Promote 30 day nutrition challenges and body transformations

Or perhaps 

Are super competitive and have lots of athletes training for the CrossFit Games

With that said..

Who makes up our community?

Your friend, mother, sibling, brother, partner.. 

We say we are like an extended family at CrossFit Volume.. and there is some real truth to that.

Did you know a massive 30 % of our members are couples or family members!

I am really proud of this because it really shows that this is the type of place you would recommend to someone you care about. 

To sum up CrossFit Volume.. 

We are a thriving multicultural community who help people lead balanced lives through health and fitness.

We love a hard workout but our main focus is to educate people on quality movement and to help people become well rounded in their fitness.

We form partnerships in the CrossFit community like Starr Strength and Performance for programming and KC sports Chiro for rehabilitation. We always strive to provide the best of the best for our clients.

We love interacting our community by regularly hosting social events such as in house competitions, local team comps, xmas parties and gym milestone parties.. 

When you walk into our gym you are greeted with lots of love and humour! You will definitely feel the positive energy. 

Meet one of our awesome couple Belinda and Joey by watching the video below



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