The hardest thing about the holiday period is that normally routine is thrown out of whack.. once that happens, it is easy to make small poor decisions with nutrition and sleep choices. An accumulation of small but consistent poor choices over a period of 1-2 weeks can leave you feeling bloated and unwell to start the year. 

Our tips for staying lean and feeling good over Christmas are.. 

  1. Wake up as close to your normal wake up time as possible. It might be nice to snooze a little bit, but if you are normally an early riser- don’t let yourself sleep in hours past your normal alarm time. This is important to keep on track with your sleep cycle. If you wake up a few hours late, it is very likely that you will not be tired at your usual bed time. Therefore you will stay up just watching TV or hanging out with the family, but unnecessary snacking can happen here. 
  2. No matter which day of celebrations it is- eat your normal breakfast and get your dose of greens in the morning. We recommend a green smoothie! 
    It is a big mistake to turn up to Christmas lunch ravenous and then stuffing yourself full of food. Your Christmas meal may be a little more indulgent than your regular rice and tuna- but portions need to stay normal. 
  3. When sitting down for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day lunch.. follow these easy guidelines. 

    Choose protein dense foods (meat, seafood etc) a serving size should be the size of you palm for women and two palms sizes for men.

    Veggies! Eat plenty of dark leafy greens and also the coloured type. One serving is about handful. Opt in for two handfuls per meal. If you are still hungry or tempted to go for seconds.. load up on extra veggies first. 

    Eat slowly. Enjoy you meal whilst socialising with your family and friends. Stop to chat, put you fork down in between bites. This will help you to recognise when you are truly full. 

    Don’t go for seconds! 

  4. Fit in a Christmas day workout.  Yes thats right. You can and should do it.

Between unwrapping some presents and heading out to meet the family for Christmas lunch, you CAN fit in a workout. 

Here are a few home workout ideas so now you have no excuse.

  1. 7 min AMRAP “As many reps as possible”
    200m run
    12 Sit ups
    15 Squat
    20 burpees
  2. Burpees box jumps (If you don’t have a box, find a small wall or step in your backyard or in the neighbourhood)
    100 for time
  3. 5 rounds for time
    80 Double unders
    12 DB Thrusters
  4. Bonus “Core Finisher”
    Tabata- 4 rounds 20 sec on/10 sec off
    Hollow rocks

    4 rounds 20 sec on/10 sec off
    Push ups

    4 rounds 20 sec on/10 sec off
    Superman rocks

Lastly, remember to enjoy yourself.. have a treat here and there but always in moderation. Thank you for reading our blog in 2017, we hope it gave you valuable insights and inspiration to move, achieve and invest in your fitness. 

We look forward to another big year in 2018. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the CrossFit Volume Team.

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