“Just walk through the door.”

If you read between the lines you can learn a lot from Yasmin. 

There is more to achieving results than walking through the door once. People do that all the time, they walk in- sign up to a cheap membership at anytime fitness and they never come back. 

What Yas is talking about is something completely different. She wants you to walk through the doors at CrossFit Volume because of what happened to her when she first did that. 

Her fears were put to bed from the very first moment she walked in.

“Once you walk through the door you are welcomed with open arms from so many people, every body is so supportive, encouraging, its a completely non- threatening environment.”

Yasmin’s fears were that she wouldn’t have enough time, wouldn’t be fit enough and that she wouldn’t know any of the skills involved. 

I hear these concerns from women and men all the time when they first express interest in the gym. Especially “I am not fit enough.” They try to convince themselves (and me) that they should first work on their fitness, then they will come and join the gym. 

Its a catch 22 isn’t it?

The only reason they enquired in the first place was because they needed help with their fitness. 

This takes us to Yasmin’s next comment.

“Once you walk through the doors you can’t wait to come back for the next session.”

She is referring to finding a place that fosters consistency. 

Yasmin is a personal trainer herself. She coaches hundreds of mums each year at her bootcamp Yummy mummy fitness (@yummymummyfitness). She knows that consistency is the key to results. 

Short term motivation doesn’t work. 

Short term diets don’t work. 

That is why, where ever you are training it MUST have an environment that draws you back in day in and day out for more. 

Yas has been training with us for 2 and a half years now and she is here to stay. 

Listen to the rest of her story below. 

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