Have you heard the popular quote..

“You cannot serve from an empty vessel” or “you cannot pour from an empty cup?”

It means, you must look after yourself before trying to look after others. This is particularly true with health and fitness.

If you are not looking after yourself. Then you are not looking after your family to the best of your ability.
Instead you are telling yourself stories about how you are putting them first and giving them all your time.

But how valuable is your time and money if your health is deteriorating?

To share quality time with family, first you need to invest in your physical and mental health. You need to take time to yourself to get clarity and recharge again for all of life’s responsibilities.

We talk about this topic in detail with new clients, because when people come to us for help, this is their number one barrier.

We are here to tell you that

Your marriage
Your new relationship
Your children
Your work

Are not barriers and they certainly are not valid excuses for why you cannot train a few hours per week. All of those things are positive things in your life and can be enjoyed alongside a healthy training schedule. It just needs to be prioritised.

We are here to help you
Stop telling your self stories about having “no time”
Stop letting your self off the hook because you are “too busy”
Start acknowledging that you have choices about how you allocate your time and resources
Start taking action with small steps

Our current clients served as inspiration for this post. They are the ones who show us its possible. Most of our clients have dependents, chores, stress, responsibilities but they also have the right values.

John Filips, embodies this, watch his story below.

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