If you followed our advice from our last blog on muscle ups- it means you are well on your way to improving your wrist mobility, grip strength and we hope your false gip hanging is becoming more comfortable with each day!

You may be ready to start moving on to developing your pull.

Step 1

Understanding the cue  “shoulders back and down.”

Left Image- Shoulders up

Right Image- Shoulders down

To do this correctly, you need to have good range of motion and control of your scapula. If you do not or you are unsure, this is definitely an area to address one on one with a coach. It will save you a tonne of time in the future if you address it early.

Instructions: Hang on the rings in a false grip. Arrange your body into “hollow body” position. Which means pulling ribs down towards hips. Retract the shoulders down without changing your body shape in the process.

Step 2

Developing a high pull.

When you start learning muscle ups, you will find out very quickly that the way you have been practicing pull ups in workouts- chin just reaching over the bar- is not enough.

It is now time to deliberately develop a higher pull.

Ideally rings to sternum.

You can start developing this in a scaled position. Low rings with your feet on the floor.

Photo- toe spotted sternum pull. (low rings)


This progression is a fantastic one because you have full control over how much load to put through your shoulders.

As you get better at pulling to the sternum, assist yourself less with the feet.

Step 3

Body weight pull to sternum. 

Once you reach the stage where you are barely using your feet for assistance (as shown in step 2). It is time to start working your pull up on rings with your body weight. 


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