In recent times the media has started to portray strong as sexy and use images of strong women and men to promote the aesthetic benefits of strength training.

We are happy they have been hammering this angle because it has encouraged many men and women to decide to pursue strength training. Even if it is for aesthetics to begin with..

This really does not mean strength training is new. The media love using the word “new” in their headlines, they always have and always will.

Strength training is not a modern day invention. It has always been around. All ancient civilisations used weight training for sport, physical health and fun. It is effective and scientifically proven.

Some of the benefits of strength training are

  1. Anti aging: It prevents early muscle degeneration which can occur from the age of 30 an onwards with inactivity and not enough resistance training.

  2. Improved body composition- lean muscle mass with decreased body fat

  3. Stronger, more resilient joints.

Men and women who do strength training understand that strength is not just about the look, its a feeling.

It is the feeling of

  1. Power

2. the ability to withstand pressure

3. the ability to overcome challenges.

Whilst this sounds great, many men and women are still frustrated. They read it about. They are inspired. They want the results. But they arent sure if they are doing it right. This is one of those areas of fitness you really shouldn’t do alone.

If you really want to lift heavy, you need to lift correctly. Especially if you are a newbie. Teaching yourself to backsquat, deadlift or clean- just never ends well.

You need a coach!

So will it make me sexy?

Some people will pursue strength training because they find the results aesthetically appealing.
That’s great too. You can and should influence the way you want to look using proven principles of training. But you do need to use a knowledgable trainer.

If you want to achieve specific aesthetic outcomes, it can be done within reason.

Important: the type of exercises you do matter. The weights you use, the percentage of your 1 rep maxes, the speed, frequency and rest periods.. they all matter. If you do random strength training, you will get random results. If you are training for aesthetic results, random results are not what you want.

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