I used to drive past the gym and admire everyone who was training. 

Then one day I finally mustered up the courage to walk in.

To be honest, after becoming a member, I still didn’t really want to train. 

I felt tired, overweight and unhappy inside. I always made excuses about why I could not make it there. 

My coaches Franco and Hass could see what was going on and they were not going to let me give up on myself. They supported me, guided me and just believed in me. 

This is what I needed most. 

That’s when something clicked. I started to believe in myself. From that day forward, training started to become enjoyable. 

Now I train four days per week! Training is a huge focus at CrossFit Volume, but nutrition is just as important. With the easy to implement nutritional habits I was taught, I have now lost 6kg. 

I believe you can make truly lasting change at CrossFit Volume, you just need to take the first step- walk through the door. 

-Kellie Stuart

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