At first I was sceptical about CrossFit because I didn’t think I would be able to improve the form on my movements in a class environment. 

You know what I mean.. it gets busy, the coaches can get overwhelmed and focus more on making the class flow instead of coaching. It is also easy to get caught up in adding more weight onto the bar just because everyone else is.

I was really surprised at how different it was at CrossFit Volume.

When you start your journey at the gym, the coaches spend so much time with you to make sure you are focussing on the right things. Hass took me through lots of movement prep and technique before I did advanced movements in class. He also helped me to understand my current weightlifting numbers, which kinds of weights I should be using for strength and for workouts. 

Before CrossFit Volume I was stuck at 65kg as my max clean for 1 year. In just two months I progressed to 75kg. It showed me that I didn’t always have to be lifting heavy to progress. I just had to be smart about it, listen to the coaches and trust the program. (during that two months I actually didn’t lift heavier than 50kg).

Now when ever I have doubts or am afraid about attempting a lift, I think about what my coach Franco always says..

The weight will feel heavy because it is, the technique remains the same. Focus on the technique, not the weight.

— Coach Franco

Now I apply this to everything. Focus on the technique, nothing else matters. Walking into CrossFit Volume gave me back a great deal of confidence in myself that I had lost. So much so that I even joined CrossFit Volume for the all stars competition. They were so supportive. 

I am now hopeful about pushing through plateaus and continuously improving.


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