The life of the cafe owner, involves early starts. Really early.. 

When I decided to open my Cafe, I really thought I was going to fall off the bandwagon with training. I knew the only time I would be able to come in to train is the evening after a long day on my feet. 

Sometimes at that point in the day, it is easy to make excuses.

The community and coaches made sure I stuck with my routine.

It is much harder to slack off with training when your friends are expecting you at the 5pm class or have already arranged to partner up with you in the partner workout. 

This is the power of community and accountability. 

In terms of skills, I never thought I would be able to do strict pull ups or link together a set of kipping pull ups.

This is because when I first tried them, they felt impossible, I mean IMPOSSIBLE. I would hang and pull with all the strength I had and my body wouldn’t move an inch. 

Now I can do 2 unbroken strict pull ups and 7-10 kipping pull ups without coming off the bar. 

My advice to some one starting out with CrossFit would be, just take it day by day and work on becoming consistent with your training routine. 

Fatimah Naji

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