“I’ve seen the CrossFit Games on Netflix, is that what you do at CrossFit Volume?”

We get this question ALLLL the time, so if you were wondering, trust us, you are not the only one!

During competition season, curiosity about CrossFit increases as its exposure increases in the media. The goal of this blog is to help you distinguish between, 

CrossFit- the organisation


The CrossFit Games, the sport. 

CrossFit exists to help improve the health and fitness of everyday people all around the globe. CrossFit created a methodology for training, which got hundreds and thousands of people really excited about high intensity training and workouts. 

The way the organisation works is through affiliates. A person may start a CrossFit gym by paying an annual affiliate fee to CrossFit.

In exchange for this fee, the person may use the word “CrossFit” in their gym name and website, but other than that all functions of the gym are solely up to the gym owner. 

CrossFit makes money by collecting these fees from affiliates around the world and it is in CrossFit’s best interest for affiliates to keep opening up everywhere. 

The CrossFit Games are a marketing tool for CrossFit. The games spark interest and raise awareness across different populations. The hope is that people take up CrossFit recreationally after seeing the sport in action. 

Only a very small percentage of athletes actually compete as “CrossFitters” and it is certainly not a realistic outcome for an average person within a regular CrossFit gym to end up competing at the CrossFit Games.  

The athletes that you see competing at the world games or even at the regionals have dedicated their lives to becoming world class at exercising. They excel in many different areas including endurance, olympic lifting, body weight strength and odd object tests. It is a professional pursuit for only the very top athletes in this sport competing to become “Fittest on Earth.” Most of the other competitors compete because they love it but they also focus on another profession. 

Want to see the competition in action. CrossFit Volume coaches and members will be there this weekend, the Pacific Regional is held at Qudos Bank arena in Sydney Olympic park. The event runs across Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you can purchase tickets via this link. 


Make sure you come say Hi and hang out in the arena. We will be wearing our CrossFit Volume shirts and cheering on one of our very own coaches- Marko who is competing in the team division. 




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