When learning handstand push ups, step one IS NOT

 Dont do this
Dont do this

Stacking up a bunch of ab mats, kicking up to a handstand, then dropping or lowering down your head onto the mats. 

The picture is a what not to do! >>>>

We are going to risk stating the obvious here. But its important.

One of the things that separates the amateur from the pro is.. The pro relentlessly pursues the mastery of the basics. The pro knows that spending time building a rock solid foundation is what pays off in the long run. 

Too often we see people wanting to rush into skill acquisition. Something new and exciting, something they may not be ready for. A good example is the handstand push up. Handstand push up is an element that is often chased and worked on too early. Way before the basic floor push up is built up correctly. 
Best tip you will ever receive for improving HSPU.

Get REALLY good at floor push ups. 
You’ll thank us later.

Click here to learn how to perform the push up correctly.

Once you can perform a good quality push up, a good goal is to build up to completing a set of 20 repetitions. At that point you might be ready to start moving on to vertical pressing using the pike handstand push up. 

Keep your eye on the blog for further tutorials coming soon. 


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