The process of guiding an individual through a process.

That is what coaching is about.

100% of the clients at CrossFit Volume have a coach.

Why? Becoming a high performer and mastering your physical and mental health is a process. Each and every individual deserves to be guided and mentored through it.

Coaching is not a service reserved for professional athletes, celebrities or CEO’s.

Coaching is for any body striving to become a high performer.

People like you.

Only 5% of the clients at our gym have competitive aspirations within CrossFit or are training for another sport. The other 95% are training to become high performers at life.

“Coach for Life” is a term you will hear when becoming a member of the CFV tribe.

The system works through a 6 step process of thoroughly covering injury prevention, on boarding and creating a plan for the clients future.

We are all about the coach and client relationship and I truly believe the magic happens through the ongoing mentorship.

If people are looking for a gym where they can drop in, hit a random workout inconsistently and without any purpose then they have come to the wrong place.

As coaches we make a big commitment towards helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. We expect the same thing in return from our clients. 

We take the guess work out of training & nutrition for our clients. Further to this we are continually holding them accountable so they wont drop off. 

Having a coach for life can save them having multiple coaches and gym memberships that in most cases don’t work. They get it all here. One on one personal training, group classes, goal setting, improving mindset, nutrition coaching, rehab and much more. To top it off you also get to be apart of an amazing community. 

Come in for a private tour and consult, by clicking the link below. We want to meet you and find out how we can help you.

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