“I think I need to get fit before I start at a gym like this.”


Did I just hear you say you need to get fit before you go to the place where they get people fit?



Unfortunately, we hear this all the time.

A new client..

  • Hasn’t seen progress with their body in years

  • Wants to get stronger but doesn’t know how

  • Has not been consistent with any type of training since high school

Yet somehow.. they are going to get fit before going to the place that gets people fit?



How to get around this mentality

  1. There are no fitness pre-requisites to train with us. Where you currently are with your fitness is the perfect place to start.

  2. There are no physical pre-requisites to train with us. You do not need to look like you are “in shape” before starting.

  3. Every one has to start some where, we do not expect you to know anything about lifting, gymnastics or cardio. It is our job to teach you every thing from scratch.

If you are making this mistake at the moment, we are here to tell you that it is going to cost you a lot of time.

The best short cut to fitness and health is to start today.

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