A study conducted by Pure Profile was conducted to understand behaviours, motivations and habits around the way Australians approach exercise and fitness.

In today’s blog I wanted to talk about two of the findings from the survey and talk about how I see it play out with the hundreds of people I work with in the gym.

The first is the tangible & intangible reasons people exercise. 


69% over all health and wellness 

64% weightloss

43% build or tone muscle


56% report a positive impact on their mental health 

49% like the post workout feeling

45% feel better about their appearance as a result 

When we look at those reasons and then compare that to the type of exercise that people report doing

The three most popular are

68% walking

24% swimming

24% running

These findings are very consistent with the information I receive from all the new enquiries each week. 

We can see what people are hoping to achieve and we can compare this with what they are doing to achieve their goal.

There is a mis-match.

If you are walking, swimming or running only, you are limiting yourself to aerobic training only. 

What is likely to happen is, you will see an increase in your aerobic fitness initially, then it is likely that you will hit a plateau and stop making further progress.

A more well rounded program is needed instead and it must include resistance training and higher intensity work. 

We see a rapid acceleration is results when people commence training with us, just by including those things. It does not require an additional time investment compared to what they are already doing.

If you are consistently going for walks or regular swims and have stopped seeing results, you need to change up your routine.

This does not mean giving up walking, swimming or running. These are incredibly useful and beneficial forms of aerobic exercise and we recommend that you keep them in your training program. Just not exclusively and every day.

So you know that resistance training is really important, so lets address the barrier that almost every one tells me over the phone.

“I don’t know how to do it!”

This is where we come in.

At our gym, you are taught everything and given all the tools you need to succeed. You are never thrown into the deep end and are not asked to join classes until you feel that you are ready.

Ready to finally get out of that plateau and accelerate your progress?

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