In the fitness business, a sleeper is a client who is paying a weekly membership fee but isn’t actually using the gym.

Most gym owners are afraid to contact the sleepers just incase they cancel their membership after realising they aren’t getting value out of it.

In fact in some cases, recruiting clients who are likely to become sleepers are a part of the business strategy. Tactfully planned out in conjunction with pricing models. The pricing needs to be just low enough that if things get busy, the client gets lazy or life gets in the way they still won’t cancel their membership because its not worth the hassle. Often, the client won’t want to cancel the membership they aren’t using because they still want to say that they are doing something about their health and fitness- even if they aren’t.

In my gym we have a rule. If clients aren’t attending they’ll receive regular phone calls and messages from us until they attend or at least give us a very good reason why they aren’t.

We don’t need sleepers and we don’t want them.

Our business growth is based on helping clients achieve results.

I admit, we ask our clients to pay us a higher price point than your average gym, but in return we promise to deliver a premium service. A service that they will benefit from.

Paying a high price for gym that has flashy equipment and fancy bathrooms is not all that matters. That’s just a feature of a gym, it’s not largely beneficial.

The beneficial part is when you receive a personal service from your coach. The one that holds you accountable to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

Not getting a call from your gym after a month of non attendance is not acceptable, sending an automated email in my opinion is also not acceptable.

At CrossFit Volume, we go next level for our clients. If you’re missing from the gym for a week, you will definitely get a call from your coach!

Ready to join a gym you can finally get results from?

 Aaron a reformed sleeper, now daily attendee! :)
Aaron a reformed sleeper, now daily attendee! 🙂

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