We see these mistakes made over and over by the average gym goer. It leads them into a downward spiral of frustration, no results and some times quitting all together.

It all comes down to do this..

Not having a coach

Left to their own devices, the average person exercising in the gym alone will make these mistakes.

  • selecting exercises that they like & enjoy but may not necessarily need

  • write themselves a session with lots of volume. Eg legs, chest, over head press, a long workout + some abs.

  • there will be too much in the above plan, so then none of the session is actually hard enough. Its just long.

All of those mistakes will result in you making no progress and really wasting your time.

Exercise selection is difficult and best left to a professional.

It is difficult because the factors that need to be considered are client ability, mobility, strength, weaknesses, readiness, injuries and goals.

When you have a coach at CrossFit Volume

  • Exercise selection will always be smart and individualised

  • you will do an appropriate amount of volume per session and per week depending on how often you schedule allows you to train

  • you will be pushed to work at intensity when it is appropriate. Intensity and pushing to failure is not an every day and every exercise thing.

Is coaching just for professionals?


If anything, the general population needs coaching far more than the professional does.

It is an absolute must to keep you exercising for longevity.

Will I get a coach at CrossFit Volume?


The first part of your journey at CrossFit Volume involving in depth coaching for a number of weeks as you learn complex lifts, intense workouts and learn how to move correctly.

You will be shown the basic lifestyle and nutritional habits that will set you up for incredible results if followed 80% of the time.

Your coach will set up reasonable attendance goals and expect you to stick to them within reason.

We are not and will never be a gym that allows you to sign up and then never show up.

Instead we expect you to show up and do what you say you will do.

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