Brent Rowley, 30.

Up until October 2015 I was unhappy, unhealthy, unsociable and undisciplined.

I was overweight, an underachiever and lacked self confidence.


Every part of my of my life was lazy. What I chose to eat, my hobbies and activities, my relationships with others, my thought processes and my career was lazy.


I had became complacent with the direction of my life and the direction I was heading was a place where I would be miserable and alone.


My world all changed when I met Renée (Nay) Turner. I was drawn to her energy, her happiness and nature.

Nay introduced me to fitness and eating right. I started running everyday and changed my diet and old habits. Nay has always been active and always spoke about CrossFit, which sparked my interest to know and learn more about it. Nay also helped me with some personal training sessions so I could learn some movements before I started to do full on CrossFit sessions.


I was then introduced to Hassan (owner of CrossFit Volume) and straight away I was welcomed with encouragement, kindness and respect. I got to know the CrossFit Volume community and realised very quickly it is a family. 

It is so easy to train when you know you have support, guidance and goals and this is what I got from Hass and the coaches at CrossFit Volume 


Almost a year on and I am ecstatic to say that I am the fittest and happiest that I have ever been in my life! I enjoy competing with myself in each session and always push myself. I have also made strong, long standing friendships and love group training sessions.


Nay and I are engaged, she is the love of my life that has always been there for me and is always by my side through everything. Our lives will be filled with bliss as I know we make a great team and I know without her I would not be where I am today. We are also expecting our first child! 

I changed career and am working in an independent family run Real Estate Office in Dulwich Hill. 


I am flying high.


This has been a lifestyle change and I will never go back.


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