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Correct Reps For Muscle Building

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Correct Reps For Muscle Building

I am going to keep today’s lesson very simple without complicating you. 

I often get asked what is the best rep range when trying to build muscle. 

Hypertrophy training aka “Building lean muscle” is different to strength training. 

However they both have a carry over.

When doing strength training you will build some muscle. And when doing hypertrophy training you will build some strength. 

But if you’re looking to specifically focus on one more than the other, you should be following the rep ranges below as a guide. 

Strength training: Between 1 – 5 reps.
Hypertrophy: Between 6 – 12 reps. 

These are just a guide. They can fluctuate a little higher and lower with certain programs as we allow room for progress overload. 

At Volume Fitness, our program is designed to allow clients to choose between which goal they want to focus on. 

Every month our program is designed around strength training and hypertrophy. You can also implement both but still making sure you have a primary focus on just one.

For example, if strength is your focus you will pick the following option. 

5 x 3 Back Squats. 
*You will aim to progress with either load or reps each week. 

If hypertrophy “muscle building” was your focus, you will pick the following. 

A1: 3 x 12 Narrow stance goblet squats 
A2: 3 x 12 Barbell romanian deadlifts 

Remember, if you choose the strength component you will still gain some muscle. And if you chose the hypertrophy component you will still gain some strength. However each one of them do have a primary and secondary focus. 

For more information and clarity on this, always seek the advice of your coach.

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