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3 Signs of Not Recovering

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3 Signs of Not Recovering

Are you experiencing a lack of recovery? 

Dragging yourself out of bed and forcing yourself to train?

Or trying to push hard in workouts but your body isn’t allowing you too? 

There are lots of contributing factors that go into not recovering well between training sessions. Such as; Lack of sleep, bad nutrition or simply just over training. 

Today, I want to point out 3 key signs of not recovering. 

1. Tired after a good nights sleep. 

If your sleep cycle has not changed and your consistently sleeping and waking up at the same time, getting your usual 7-8hrs sleep per night but still waking up feeling pretty tired and fatigued, this a sign that you’re not recovering and it’s time to pull back the training intensity or simply take a rest day so you can allow your body the time it needs to recover. 

2. Niggling injuries. 

If your body is starting to suffer from niggling injuries such as sore knee joints, stiff back and shoulder pain, your body is more than likely overtrained and not recovering well between sessions. This is when niggling injuries will start to creep in. Training with niggling injuries all the time is not good as it can lead to serious long term injuries. Once the niggles start to creep, it’s a sign to decrease the training load or take a rest day. 

3. Not making progress in the gym. 

If you’re starting to hit a wall, and not seeing an increase in your strength and fitness, your’re more than likely not recovering well enough. In order to see continuous progress your body needs the adequate amount of time to rest and recover so you can bring intensity to the next session. If you have stopped making progress, It’s time to restructure your training program with right amount of training volume, rest and recovery time. 

Thanks for reading.

Hassan Abdallah 

Owner & Founder, Volume Fitness.

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