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Falling in Love With the Process

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Falling in Love With the Process

Way too often I see people obsessing over the outcomes of their goals without falling in love with the process of them. 

They set goals but they don’t like what’s involved to achieving them. 

They dream big but they don’t want to do the hard work to get there. 

They want to take big steps but they forget it’s the small little steps that matter most. 

For example, if your goal is to achieve your first pull up, you need to be obsessed with the process, not just be in love with idea of pulling yourself up and getting your chin over the bar one day. 

You need to do the hard work and be attached to the process of achieving a pull up, not just the outcome of doing one. 

You need to practice the skill regularly, work on building the strength in each muscle group required to do a pull up and much more. 

Same goes with a weight loss goal, we can’t just keep doing what we are doing now and expect the weight to come off. We need to enjoy preparing our meals, we need to be in love with training consistently and we need to make the sacrifices that are required to losing weight. 

With any goal that we set out, we must fall in love with process of achieving this goal and not just the outcome of the goal. 

Hassan Abdallah 
Owner & Founder of Volume Fitness

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