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When is the Right Time to See A Physio?

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When is the Right Time to See A Physio?

“Coach, my knee is hurting. Do you think I should see a physio?” 

Well this is a very common question that I get asked. 

My answer in this situation is. It depends. 

Everyone’s case is different. 

But before you run off to see a physio and waste lots of money for little return, I have some advice for you. 

Lots of unknown niggling injuries like knee, back and shoulder pain don’t come from a traumatic incident. 

A traumatic incident meaning; You tackle someone and your shoulder dislocates. Or your running down the street, fall over and brake a leg. 

This is when we know what’s the clear cause of your injury. 

Things like niggling knee and shoulder pain, typically come from overuse and or incorrect use. 

So before you head off to the physio you should check in with your coach and do some self analysis to see if you can change things. 

Here are 3 simple steps to follow: 

  • Step 1: Technique – Incorrect technique can lead to injury. For e.g. knee pain. If your technique is not good and you’re constantly loading up your knee incorrectly that could easily cause damage. So try and change your technique and see if that helps get rid of the pain. Your coach should be able to tell you if you have incorrect technique. 
  • Step 2: Training Volume – Let’s keep using the knee as an example. Are you squatting way too often? Are you going too heavy to often? Or are you doing dynamic movements like, running and jumping too often? Overworking the knee joint can definitely lead to injury as well. Everyone has different capabilities when it comes to training volume. You need to work out what yours is and stick within those guidelines. If you’re over doing it, reduce your training volume, take some rest days, incorporate some stretching and rolling out to improve your recovery and see if that gets rid of your pain. 
  • Step 3: If pain persists now is the time to go and see a physio. The reason why I have left this to step number 3 is because If step one and two can’t solve your pain then that means there must be an underlying issue and seeking the advice of a professional will be beneficial. 

Bonus tip:

If your physio’s advice is to just rest and not train, you have gone to see the wrong physio. Exercise is the number one form of medicine. Your physio should guide you on the correct path to exercise correctly so you can strengthen any weak chains in your body. 

Your physio should be able to assess your movement and tell you exactly why your’re in pain and where it is stemming from. 

I highly recommend seeing a physio who knows what you do! Visiting a physio who is not squatting or deadlifting regularly clearly doesn’t understand what it feels like to be in pain during these movements. They definitely would not know how to correct your technique or identify any weak chains in your body when it comes to certain movements. 

In conclusion, you can get massaged from your physio and rest for as long as you like. But when you return to high intensity movements the injuries will come back again if you have not corrected your technique and identified where the weak chains are in your body. 

Pain comes from weaknesses. 

Get strong and live a healthy pain free life! 

If you need any recommendations for a good physio, please feel free to ask me. 

Thanks for reading.

Hassan Abdallah 
Owner & Founder of Volume Fitness

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