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Sticking to the Program

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Sticking to the Program

Way too often I see people making the mistake of not sticking to the program or a goal. 

Why? Because they think the grass is greener on the other. 

They are easily distracted by what’s happening on their instagram feed. 

With information easily accessible on the internet and with a world full of influencers we can easily get sidetracked.  

We start doubting ourselves and start to think..

Am I following the right program? 
Is what I’m doing working?
Could I be doing more? 

I promise you, the grass is not always greener on the other side. 

I have been guilty of not seeing out a program and trying too many things at one time without giving one program my full focus. 

What I really had was a commitment issue. 

My mindset had to change. 

I had to go all in towards one program and one major goal. 

We are always going to achieve greater results by committing 100%. 

Once you commit to a program 100%, you can bring a lot more mental focus and energy into every session. 

Loyalty pays off. 
Stick to the program. 
Trust your coach. 
Trust the process. 

Hassan Abdallah 
Owner & Founder of Volume Fitness

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