It’s 2017 and women are still experiencing inequality in many areas..

Women are significantly underrepresented in;

Leadership roles.. executives roles and are still being paid less compared to their male counterparts for equal work.

So what about in sport?
Their sporting achievements are continuously implied through the media as being less significant than male sporting achievements.

A few facts

“Coverage of women in sport made up 9% of all sports coverage in Australian television news media, while 7% of non-news programming content on television was devoted to female sport. Male sport, on the other hand, occupied 81% of television news reporting, and 86% of non-news programming”
Lumby et al. (2014)

One of CrossFit Volume’s core missions is to ensure that women are given equal opportunity to participate and succeed when it comes to health, fitness and sport.


Whilst our humble CrossFit gym is no media giant or sporting organisation, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to support women to close the gap in regards to gender equality wherever and however we can.


Our Action in this space

CrossFit Volume now offers Women’s only CrossFit three times per week, with a female trainer in a entirely private facility.

Check out the class timetable here


Why is this important?

One of the major barriers from women starting a training program is low levels of confidence and feeling intimidated initially. It gives women the opportunity to build their confidence with the movements in an environment where they feel completely relaxed.


Additionally- many women face cultural barriers when exercising in front of men if their religion makes it necessary for most of their skin to remain covered in the presence of men.


The results speak for themselves

  • A whopping 30% of women who initially started with Women’s only have now built up the confidence to join the Co-Ed classes! This is incredible!

  • Attendance rate for the women who have committed to 3 times per week training are well over 90%, which is unprecedented!!

“The women’s only program allowed me to conquer my confidence issues and eventually work my way into the co-ed classes. I am now achieving things I never thought possible in the gym.”

— Fatima

Once they get started.. it is impossible to stop them.. check out some of their inspirational achievements here


Kara overhead squats 80kg

Dee Member of the month




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