The 10th of January has arrived and the “new year, new me” gym goers have already started to drop off. Your gym is steadily getting back into the state of normality with the regulars back into routine and the newbies quickly reverting back to old habits of over- working and finding themselves “too busy” for the gym.

This is not news to any body.


It is predictable, a yearly occurrence.


So why haven’t people learnt from their mistakes and tried a different approach?


The three big mistakes


1. Over- belief in willpower.

Alongside the goal of losing weight, the most common plan of action for this goal is “eat less and exercise more.” At the time of writing the goal down, people have a strong sense of belief in their willpower. The problem is, it was hard to lose weight last time you tried, and it will be just as hard this time. Your willpower is not as strong as you think it is. You need to reach out for help on your journey.


2. Setting unrealistic goals

Setting sky high goals look good on paper initially, but eventually they can de-motivate.


An example I have seen personally is:

Goal- lose 10kg

Action plan- run 5km three times per week.


Setting a goal of running “X” amount lets say 5km, can come from a wild guess of the amount of work it might take to lose “X” amount of kilos.

What happens next? You try to go for the run on day 1 but realise a few things.


-Running is hard, really hard. Maybe 5km was too ambitious.

-It takes an incredible amount of fitness to run 5km’s, you realise you aren’t as fit as you once were.

-Exercise has become a mental battle


At this point it is very likely that you give up.


3. Going it alone

Sometimes we keep our goals to ourselves so that no one knows when or if we fail. Social accountability is powerful. Grab a friend who shares a similar desire to improve their health and fitness and go on the journey together.


Three solutions


1. Hire some help

After doing your research, call a few gyms that interest you and speak to someone over the phone. Give them a go if they show deep interest in YOU, YOUR goals and how they can help YOU.

Hint- if they talk about their gym facility, how awesome their equipment is etc etc.. politely pass.


2. Go into a gym and commit to one session with a trainer. The first steps need to be bite size. Ask them to help you figure out a SMART approach to goal setting.


3. Do it with a friend, partner or family member. You can help each other. This works wonders for both of you in terms of fitness and it can benefit your relationship. Win- win!!

Want help?

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