You have been in a dedicated relationship with your local gym for over 12 months now.. you feel better about yourself because you are doing something but the changes to your physique are minimal. You were hoping for bigger changes by now. 

What if your current workouts are not effective for your goal of gaining muscle?

Ask your self these questions regarding your hypertrophy training.

  1. Are you going to failure? When you did your first google search on ‘how to gain muscle lifting weights’ you probably came to the conclusion that the rep scheme you should be working with is somewhere between 8- 12 reps.
    What does that mean? Does it mean choosing a weight that you know you are able to lift comfortably for 8- 12 reps and repeat for approximately 4 sets?

    No. A comfortable 8 reps is not going to help you with muscle gain. You need to be lifting heavy. 8 reps means, if you were to go for the ninth rep, you would fail.
    Next time you finish your set, ask yourself “How many more reps do I have left in the tank?”

  2. Supersetting
    Going to failure in a set means you are going to need to take some rest before you commence your next set. Should you sit down and rest completely? Occasionally that might be a good idea depending on which exercise you are doing. Super-setting however, can help you get more out of the time you are spending at the gym. Whilst you are resting one muscle group, you can do another exercise on a non fatigued part of the body.

  3. Are you incorporating gymnastics movements?
    Generally speaking when thinking of hypertrophy training, isolated body building movements are the first to come to mind. Did you know you could also incorporate functional full body movements like squats and also gymnastics movements. Gymnastic movement are fantastic for building tendon strength and keeping joints healthy (when executed correctly).

    Here are is an example of a strength superset that you can use
    4 sets of
    A1. DB Bench press
    A2. Supine ring rows (feet elevated)

    Instructions for reps
    Set 1- 8 reps (heavy)
    Set 2- 8 reps (heavy)
    Set 3- Must fail by 6-8th rep (heavy)
    Set 4- Must fail by 6-8th rep (heavy)

 DB Bench Press
DB Bench Press
 Supine Ring Row (feet elevated)
Supine Ring Row (feet elevated)


Final note

It is crucial to note that going heavy during hypertrophy training is NOT EASY. It means putting your body through some serious stress, but managing to do it in a safe way. This is why so many people fail at doing this type of training alone. They simply revert back to their comfort zone when it gets a little bit too hard and people start staring at them for grunting and sweating.

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