Today, I want to share with you my thoughts and some facts about the negative effects of training at a very high intensity all the time. 

People think that in order to get super fit they must go hard every session. 

This in fact is incorrect. In order to get fitter your conditioning must involve a combination of low, moderate and high intensity training days. Truth be told, if you did try to train at 100% maximum intensity every day your body won’t even allow you too. Mentally, you might think that you’re pushing your body to its 100% limits every day but that is not physically possible. 

We should only be pushing ourselves to a 100% maximum intensity 2 x per week, for the advanced athlete they could possibly do it 3 x per week but it is not highly recommended.

Reason being is that we need to allow our body the time to recover after smashing through a very hard workout, we should not try to back it up again the next day with another very hard workout. 

I am sure you have all experienced the feeling of being a little flat the next day after a very hard workout. I’m sure you have all tried to go very hard again the next day but not get the same result as the day before. This is very normal, your body is sore from the extreme measures you put it through the day before. 

Now, I am NOT telling you that you shouldn’t train every day. I HIGHLY recommend that you aim for 5-6 workouts per week with 1-2 total rest days. However, I encourage you to pick your battles throughout the week. Aim to go really hard on 2 x workouts per week, 100% max effort! Then go at approximately 80-85% on the other days, with another low intensity day at 60-70%. 

You will not be any less fitter for approaching it this way. You are smarter and you will get better, long term sustainable results. You will not get injured and your body will recover a lot faster. This approach will actually allow you to go at 100% maximum effort when you want to.  

Some of the best athletes in the world are guilty of only having one gear, and that is going hard all the time! But once they learnt to train at different intensities they became the greatest athletes! 🙂 

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