There is a lot of information out there about strength training for women. Sadly, if it comes from an inexperienced fitness influencer it normally comes from a place of them trying to sell you some at home work out PDF. So it probably doesn’t involve heavy and technical lifts like squat, bench, deadlift or any accessory work.

It’s a shame because if you buy into and follow that type of thing. You will be leaving results on the table.

How to get the best results for feeling amazing about your self, fat loss, building lean muscle tissue and getting fit.

  1. Lift heavy- if you are new to lifting “heavy” can mean anything between 5- 100kg. Maybe you have never lifted any thing before if you life and the 8kg KB is heavy. Thats fine. Maybe you have been through some strength training in the past and you are good to get started on 50kg barbell for your warm up set. That’s fine too.
    The key is, work with your coach to figure out your numbers and correctly follow principles of progressive overload. You should be as close as possible to the desire RPE that the program calls for and this is rarely achieved

  2. Train & Recover instead of exercise and diet.

    Training means you are working towards something. You have a goal, a plan and you are chipping away at it over the long term. A great example is the pull up. Being able to move your body weight from a dead hang to chin over bar with completely strict form.
    Recovery means you are focussed on nutrition and sleep to adequately recover from today’s session and prepare for tomorrow’s. You are not in the mindset of deprivation which is common on a lot of diets.

  3. Do not buy into the myth that you will suddenly pack on a tonne of muscle over night. It’s just not true and it doesn’t happen. A qualified coach should be able to confidently answer your questions and help come up with a plan that suits you. Strength training is different to bulking and your coach should be able to teach you the difference.

Curious about the sessions that the ladies do in our Women’s Only program.

Wednesday 19/09/2019

Part A. Strength

3 rounds

Bench press x 10

Arnold press x 10

Lat pull down x 10

Rope climb x 5

Part B. Workout

AMRAP 15 mins

8 hang squat clean

16 walking lunges

24 sit ups

32 skips

*every 3 mins 8 cal row/bike

You will never see jumping jacks and other nonsense in our program. Women need real training and that is what we deliver.

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