The difference between a community leader and regular gym owner

I miss owning the coaching floor! ⁣

I bet every coach has during the gym lockdowns. ⁣

However, over the past two months of ISO, I have been able to maintain my role of a coach and community leader. ⁣

Today I want to share my thoughts on the difference between a cheerleader and a coach. The difference between a regular gym owner and community leader. ⁣

As coaches and community leaders we haven’t left our clients stranded during lockdown by just putting memberships on hold and waiting for this crazy time to be over. We haven’t risked our clients’ health and the possibility of having no gym for them to return to.⁣

We didn’t just post up random home workouts on social media with the hope of our clients following them. We haven’t set up a camera and streamed our workouts live on Instagram cheerleading our clients through a workout. I believe this would have made them feel even more isolated with no interaction or proper coaching. ⁣

We have continued to deliver multiple quality program options that suited our clients’ training needs. We have provided equipment for our clients to take home so they can utilise our workouts to the best of their ability. ⁣

We continue to coach our clients virtually every day and provide outdoor one on one coaching. ⁣

Between our coaching staff, we have personally reached out to our clients every week, sometimes twice per week to check in on their health and fitness. ⁣

We have kept our community connected throughout the whole lockdown process.⁣

In summary, we have provided the solution to our clients’ needs. 

If your gym closed their doors and didn’t provide you with a real solution to your needs, then, unfortunately, that’s a problem. ⁣

A shout out to all my fellow coaches and community leaders for continuing to raise the bar during these tough times! ⁣

Hopefully, soon we will be able to connect with all of our communities in person!

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