Okay okay so I didn’t exactly go into the jungle.

I did go on an adventure though.

3 weeks ago I signed up for a retreat run by the Jungle Brothers. I had no idea what to expect. I had a brief idea of the location we were heading too, but nothing of the curriculum. 

My main purpose in signing myself up for these type of events is so that I can continue my learning and bring back something to teach to my community.

Here are my three takeaways from the event


1. Community is number one

I saw similarities with the community they have built and my community at CrossFit Volume. The Jungle Brothers are surrounded by people who deeply value their health and fitness. I realised how similar it is back in my home gym. I believe this is the cornerstone to success. We can have a great coaches, the best program, nice equipment etc but it doesn’t mean anything unless you have a community who support each other day in and day out and tackle challenges together.


2. Keeping an open mind

Being involved in the fitness industry for so many years, I have attended countless seminars, certifications and workshops. It feels as if I’ve seen almost everything atleast once before. Some of the content the JB delivered was very new to me. This included self defense drills and locomotion drills. This was a great lesson because I was a true beginner again. It is great to put yourself in that role from time to time to understand how clients feel when they first start CrossFit and it is a completely new world. The key was to embrace it with an open mind.


3. Be consistent

This is something that I preach often to my clients, but it was great to have it reiterated again, especially in terms of gymnastics. 

Gymnastic skills take an incredibly long time to master. Sometimes when persisting with a skill in the same way for what seems to be a long time (a few weeks), you may find yourself getting frustrated with lack of progress and start chopping and changing your approach every day, week or even rep. This will hinder your progress like nothing else. 

Lets look at the handstand.
Be consistent with your handstand entry technique. Don’t chop and change every time a drill doesn’t seem to work immediately. Be precise with the same hand, foot, weight placement, wrist position, head position etc. The deliberate practice will pay off.


This experience has inspired the idea of creating a CrossFit Volume fitness retreat also. Big plans for 2017! 

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