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  • How often do you evaluate your training expectations?

    How often do you evaluate your training expectations?

    Your training expectations should always be evaluated. You need to regularly check in, and ask yourself the following simple questions. Why do I train? What am I aiming to achieve out of my current training program? How can I create harmony between my training and current lifestyle? A lot of people are guilty of placing high training expectations without assessing their current lifestyle situation and physical condition. This doesn't usually happen with beginners who are starting out, as they are happy to take each day as it comes. But I see this happening more often with experienced clients and athletes who are used to going full steam ....

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  • Correct Reps For Muscle Building

    Correct Reps For Muscle Building

    I am going to keep today’s lesson very simple without complicating you. I often get asked what is the best rep range when trying to build muscle. Hypertrophy training aka “Building lean muscle” is different to strength training. However they both have a carry over. When doing strength training you will build some muscle. And when doing hypertrophy training you will build some strength. But if you’re looking to specifically focus on one more than the other, you should be following the rep ranges below as a guide. Strength training: Between 1 – 5 reps. Hypertrophy: Between 6 – 12 reps. These are just a guide. They can fluctuate a little higher and ....

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  • 3 Reasons for More Protein

    3 Reasons for More Protein

    The discussion around how much protein should people be consuming is a common one. In a lot of situations this is case by case. But generally the average person should be consuming 0.8-1g grams of protein / kg body mass per day. For a highly active person who is doing regular weights training they can up their protein intake to 1.5-2.5g grams of protein / kg body mass per day. The health effects of fat and carbs are controversial. However, almost everyone agrees that protein is important. Protein has a wide range of health benefits. But today I will be listing 3 reasons why you need to eat more protein, specifically to improve your training goals. 1. INCREASE MUSCLE MASS AND STRENGTH ....

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  • 3 Signs of Not Recovering

    3 Signs of Not Recovering

    Are you experiencing a lack of recovery? Dragging yourself out of bed and forcing yourself to train? Or trying to push hard in workouts but your body isn’t allowing you too? There are lots of contributing factors that go into not recovering well between training sessions. Such as; Lack of sleep, bad nutrition or simply just over training. Today, I want to point out 3 key signs of not recovering. 1. Tired after a good nights sleep. If your sleep cycle has not changed and your consistently sleeping and waking up at the same time, getting your usual 7-8hrs sleep per night but still waking up feeling pretty tired and fatigued, this a sign that you’re not recovering and ....

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  • The Secret Training Program

    The Secret Training Program

    Question: Coach, What is the best training program? Answer: The one you show up to and follow consistently! As a coach, the hardest part is getting clients to show up and commit. Writing the program is the easy part. Before you ask yourself; What program should I follow? Make a promise to yourself that you will show up and commit! Don’t set wild lofty goals. Commit to daily and weekly goals. That is the first step. Build up the habit of showing up consistently and I promise you the results will come. Thanks for reading. Hassan Abdallah Owner & Founder of Volume Fitness ....

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  • Falling in Love With the Process

    Falling in Love With the Process

    Way too often I see people obsessing over the outcomes of their goals without falling in love with the process of them. They set goals but they don’t like what’s involved to achieving them. They dream big but they don’t want to do the hard work to get there. They want to take big steps but they forget it’s the small little steps that matter most. For example, if your goal is to achieve your first pull up, you need to be obsessed with the process, not just be in love with idea of pulling yourself up and getting your chin over the bar one day. You need to do the hard work and be attached to the process of achieving a pull up, not just the outcome of doing one. ....

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  • When is the Right Time to See A Physio?

    When is the Right Time to See A Physio?

    “Coach, my knee is hurting. Do you think I should see a physio?” Well this is a very common question that I get asked. My answer in this situation is. It depends. Everyone’s case is different. But before you run off to see a physio and waste lots of money for little return, I have some advice for you. Lots of unknown niggling injuries like knee, back and shoulder pain don’t come from a traumatic incident. A traumatic incident meaning; You tackle someone and your shoulder dislocates. Or your running down the street, fall over and brake a leg. This is when we know what’s the clear cause of your injury. Things like niggling knee and shoulder pain, ....

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  • Goal Setting

    Goal Setting

    Most people get caught out rolling into the new year with no real plans or goals. They have ideas in their head but they get consumed with trying to complete all their work for this year without taking a break and planning for the year ahead. Here’s 6 tips on how I set my goals. Write them on paper. Goals need to be written down, they can’t just be ideas in your head. You need to have them somewhere where you can easily access and re-assess them throughout the year. I highly recommend taking a short break away from your day to day environment and reflect back on 2020 and have a think about what you want out of 2021. A quiet park or beach is the ideal setting for me. Your ....

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  • Sticking to the Program

    Sticking to the Program

    Way too often I see people making the mistake of not sticking to the program or a goal. Why? Because they think the grass is greener on the other. They are easily distracted by what’s happening on their instagram feed. With information easily accessible on the internet and with a world full of influencers we can easily get sidetracked. We start doubting ourselves and start to think.. Am I following the right program? Is what I’m doing working? Could I be doing more? I promise you, the grass is not always greener on the other side. I have been guilty of not seeing out a program and trying too many things at one time without giving one program my full focus. What I really ....

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  • 3 Tips for Better Sleep

    3 Tips for Better Sleep

    Last week, I wrote about how sleep is the number form of recovery. Without good sleep, any other form of recovery won’t be as effective. I got some interesting replies from clients who are struggling with sleep, so I shared 3 of my most effective tips. Now before I get into them I must add that these clients do exercise regularly and have a relatively decent diet. However, one client was drinking caffeine too late in the afternoon. And another client was eating too late at night. If you’re reading this and you don’t exercise regularly, that is one immediate problem. Regular exercise is proven to improve your sleep. Consuming caffeine late in the day is not ....

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